Ten fun facts.

Ten Fun Facts

1.    You can’t wash your eyes with soap.

2.    You can’t count your hair.

3.    You can’t breathe through your nose with your tongue out.

4.    You just tried #3.

6.    When you did #3 you realized it is possible , only you look like a dog.

7.    You are smiling right now because you were fooled.

8.    You skipped #5.

9.    You just checked to see if there was a #5.

10.  You will share this with your friends to have some fun of your own.  :-)

Thomas Cook Airlines seeks route proposals between Europe and North America

Thomas Cook AirlinesRoutesonline announced that Thomas Cook Airlines seeks route proposals for new service  between Europe and North America.   According to Routesonline:

The first RFP covers existing network points seeks proposals for additional frequencies to current long-haul destinations in their network out of new European departure airports that can be served by their B767-300 or A330-200 through a W-pattern.  The second will look at the opportunity for new routes between Great Britain, Central or Northern Europe and airports in the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific that can be served by B767-300 or A330-200 equipment, preferably from the hubs in Frankfurt and Manchester

This could be an opportunity for international service from Niagara Falls International Airport as Pearson International Airport in nearby Toronto, Canada is not served by Thomas Cook.


Some great people are participating in “Cycling the Erie Canal.”

Fifteen years ago the 400 mile 8 day “Cycling the Erie Canal” event got off the ground.  It was the brain child of Parks and Trails New York.  I had the opportunity to come across slightly more than 300 of the 400 riders participating in this tour.  They were at the Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises on Market St. in Lockport.  The riders had a box lunch and took the one hour forty-five minute narrated cruise upon the Erie Canal and through Locks 34 and 35.

This was not a group  composed of only hardcore, technically equipped cyclists.  They came in all sizes, men and women, regional residents, from across the nation, several Europeans and a good number of our Canadian friends and neighbors.  I surprised  to see old dudes like me and children who seemed to be in the are area of 8 years of age.

What a pleasant experience it was getting to speak with a number of this adventurous travelers.

But like all things, this is just not a get on your bike and ride event.  Parks and Trails New York has a guidebook telling everyone how to get ready and what to expect.  I’ve read it and now I am wondering is this something I need to put on my bucket list of things to do.  This group has 5 days left on their journey, I hope they continue to have a great time.



After 41 years as Dortmund’s sister city, Buffalo is not in their development plans.

After 41 years as Dortmund’s sister city, Buffalo is not in their development plans according to Dortmund’s Economic Development Agency.  You would think that after having becoming  partners pair in 1974 or 1977 there would be some type of visible and active business relationship.  The two cities don’t even agree with the year that they became sisters, or twinned as they say elsewhere in the world.  Dortmund claims 1977 while Buffalo says it was 1974

Dortmund’s Economic Development Agency (http://www.wirtschaftsfoerderung-dortmund.de/en/international/) claims:


As part of our international activities we inform you about your chances. We provide you with our services to help you to enter foreign markets.

We provide you with support in your search for international cooperation partners.

We advise you and arrange contacts to EU-oriented consulting institutions. We are pleased to pass on our experience with applying for and running EU projects together with information about EU funding opportunities.

As a member of the network of large European cities EUROCITIES we maintain links to over 100 major cities in Europe. Regional focus

The City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency arranges sustainable business cooperations and in Dortmund’s partner towns in particular. The current key regions are:

  • Leeds, Great Britain
  • Xi ‘an, VR China
  • South Korea

The concept behind sister cities goes back to the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower and is wonderful.

Founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sister Cities International serves as the national membership organization for individual sister cities, counties, and states across the United States. This network unites tens of thousands of citizen diplomats and volunteers in programs in 136 countries on six continents.

Sister Cities International helps advance peace and prosperity through cultural, educational, humanitarian, and economic development efforts, and serves as a hub for institutional knowledge and best practices to benefit citizen diplomats. Sister Cities International empowers individual citizens to become diplomats and represent their community and their country in new and meaningful ways.

We also strive to strengthen the sister cities network through strategic institutional partnerships, grants, programs, and support for our members. We motivate and empower private citizens, municipal officials and business leaders to conduct long-term, mutually beneficial, sister city, county or state relationships.

But why have them if you are just going to collect them like figurines for the living room shelf?


Four pictures tell a four thousand word story about Buffalo’s heritage.

Four pictures tell a four thousand word story about Buffalo’s heritage thanks to the Library of Congress and my cousin Bill.  Bill by the way lives in Shrewsbury, England UK.  He had received an email from a friend who had sent him several dozens of images that had been restored by the Library of Congress from the turn of the 19th century.  Within that group of almost 100 photographs were four from the City of Buffalo.

I thought I would share them as they are great images of a City that was an economic giant 110 years ago and was the 8th largest U.S. city as a result.  The will be no more comment the pictures like all pictures tell their own tale.  Hope you enjoy.

Labor Day Parade - Main St. (1900)

Labor Day Parade -
Main St. (1900)

Unloading ore from "Whaleback Carrier (1901)

Unloading ore from “Whaleback Carrier (1901)


"Looking up Main Street .Steamer North Land at Long Wharf " 1905

“Looking up Main Street .Steamer North Land at Long Wharf ” 1905

Buffalo 1905a

 “Jack-Knife Bridge, City Ship Canal, foot of Michigan Street ” 1905

15th annual Cycling the Erie Canal bike tour from Buffalo to Albany

Cycling the Erie Canal Kicks Off July 7th

500 Miles, 400 Miles, 8 Days!

The 15th annual Cycling the Erie Canal bike tour from Buffalo to Albany begins this Sunday, July 7th in Buffalo. More than 500 cyclists of all ages will set off on the Canalway Trail for the 400-mile, eight-day journey. Along the way, they will be treated to fine scenery, fascinating history, and the extraordinary hospitality of canal communities.

Watch for riders as they pass through your area, welcome them to your community, or join them for a mile or two!


Sunday, July 7: Buffalo to Medina

Monday, July 8: Medina to Pittsford

Tuesday, July 9: Pittsford to Seneca Falls

Wednesday, July 10: Seneca Falls to Syracuse

Thursday, July 11: Syracuse to Rome

Friday, July 12: Rome to Canajoharie

Saturday, July 13: Canajoharie to Scotia

Sunday, July 14: Scotia to Albany

Cycling the Erie is organized by Parks & Trails New York. The NYS Canal Corporation is the Premier State Sponsor, Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor is the event’s Heritage Sponsor.

I’m looking forward to this.  I will watch the bikers as they pass the Lockport Locks.

Immigration legislation will lead to elimination of Poland visa requirements

Western New York’s large Polish-American community needs to get behind the Senate immigration legislation.  Contact New York Rep. Chris Collins to ask for his support:

Lancaster, NY Office

2813 Wehrle Drive
Suite 13
Williamsville, NY 14221

Phone: 716-634-2324 Fax:     716-631-7610

Or, Email him via his congressional web page.  http://chriscollins.house.gov/contact



Editor—Debbie Greenlee posted this note, from Alex Storozynski, President of the Kosciuszko Foundation, to various mailing lists because she felt it was a subject of importance for all Polish Americans. I agree, and am repeating it here for those who haven’t seen it before. Considering what a good ally Poland has been to the United States, at a time when we don’t have many reliable allies, it’s about time we quit jerking around Poles who want to visit our country. I’ll let Mr. Storozynski say the rest, as he says it better than I can, and he gives a link to a longer version on the Kosciuszko Federation website that includes specifics.

Now that the United States Senate voted 68 to 32 to pass Sen. Schumer’s immigration bill, it must pass the House of Representatives before Poland will be included in the Visa Waiver Program. We are pleased that New York’s Polish community persuaded Schumer to help drop visas for Poland. It proves what Polonia can do when it sticks together.

The Polish Community across the United States now must get their members of Congress and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to pass the immigration bill. Rep. Boehner must allow the bill to go to the floor of the House for a vote. It aims to secure America’s borders, penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants, and provide a road map for immigrants to legally become American citizens. It would also drop the visa requirement for Poles who want to visit the United States as tourists.

So call and write to your Congressmen! If you don’t know what to write, what to say, or who your Congressman is, you can find this information by clicking this link to The Kosciuszko Foundation web site: <http://www.thekf.org/fundacja_ko_ciuszkowska_polska/PolandVisas/>

If all Polish-Americans speak up, Congress will not be able to ignore us.

Alex Storozynski

President and Executive Director

The Kosciuszko Foundation

 Editor—Incidentally, Senator Barbara Mikulski deserves a fair amount of credit for getting this through the Senate. Since this story is current and things could change rapidly, I wanted to check and see what the current status of the bill is. According to the story at <http://www.thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/139768,US-visa-waiver-for-Poland-one-step-nearer>, the bill is still waiting to pass in the House of Representatives, where it faces some tough going. So unless things change over this weekend (which seems unlikely), there is still need to speak up.

Are you intertested in a World Heritage education?

Are you interested in an education based on World Heritage and its impact on today’s world?  If you are you might want to take a look at these three institutions of higher education.  As the world’s population and economy expands the focus is becoming more and more about the future.  Growing numbers of people  are becoming disinterred in the past and global heritage.  Some one has to lead the struggle to save our heritage.

University of Tsukuba World Heritage Studies

University of Florida  – Paris Research Center

University of Minnesota  Center for World Heritage

University of Birmingham (UK) – Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage

Good Luck!