So Buffalo is looking for something to put at the Erie Canal Harbor Restoration

Last Liberty Pole – Located at the corner of The Terrace and Main St.

Well, if the money is there I would suggest a return of the Liberty Pole to Lower Main St.  There were  4 different poles standing downtown for over 100 years until the last was dismantled in 1939 during the construction of the now gone War Memorial Auditorium.  Upon it I would fly the world’s largest free flying flag.  Flag a replica U.S. flag from 1825 to commemorate the opening of the Erie Canal and top the flagpole with a statue of a family facing east with outstretched arms welcoming the settlers arriving from the coast and Europe.

Now for the money part, it will be expensive and no one has money.  I would make the pole 500′ tall to surpass the newly constructed (2008) 436 ft Ashgabat Flagpole in Turkmenistan.

Ashgabat Flagpole – Turkmenistan – Current World’s Tallest

Then  make the flag itself larger than the current largest American flag in Gastonia, NC

Would it attract tourists to the Buffalo NY historic Erie Canal?  I believe so.  American’s love their flag.

Now, who is the engineering and architectural firm that wants to tackle this one?