Canadian median wealth is 2.1 times greater than that of Americans.

A friend of mine posted a very interesting statistic on wealth that originated with the Coffee Party Movement.  The CPM is the non-media visible counter part to the Tea Party.  I want to share with you information that probably 80%+ of Americans will deny its accuracy.  The denial is a normal reaction for people living in a country that is propagandized every day on being patriotic – America #1 every one else in the world is envious of us.

Below you will find a chart showing a median wealth table that was formulated using the Global Wealth Data Book.  American’s believe they are Number One when it comes to personal wealth.  They are off by a long shot.

The median represents that point where the wealth of half of the American people are above the median and  half of the American people are found below  the median.

Global Median Wealth Index
Country Median Wealth
Australia $193,052
Luxembourg $153,981
Japan $143,413
Italy $123,731
Belgium $119,933
United Kingdom $115,242
Iceland $95,685
Singapore $95,542
Switzerland $87,132
Austria $81,649
Canada $81,620
France $81,274
Norway $79,373
Finland $73,481
New Zealand $63,800
Netherland $61,880
Ireland $60,951
Qatar $57,027
Spain $53,292
United Arab Emirates $47,999
Taiwan $45,451
Germany $42,222
Sweden $41,363
Cyprus $40,535
Kuwait $40,348
United States $38,786

So the next time you complain about money, just remember to think of these numbers and know that you are falling behind because you are too busy thinking America is #1 when it is not.  Many have chased us and passed us over the past 33 years.

Niagara Falls was likely impacted as visits to Canada by American travelers decline for February 2013.

Niagara Falls was likely affected as visits to Canada by American travelers decline for February 2013. For those unaware, the United States shares a 5,525 mile (8,891 kilometer) border with Canada. During February 2013 four million American travelers were on the move. The U.S. Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (OTTI) reported their destinations as:

  1. Mexico, 42%
  2. Europe, 13%
  3. Caribbean, 12%
  4. Canada, 12%
  5. Asia, 8%
  6. Central America, 5%
  7. South America, 3%
  8. Middle East, 3%
  9. Oceania, 3%
  10. Africa, 1%

Obviously fun in the sun was on the minds of a majority of Americans as Mexico and the Caribbean received 54% of American travelers. Comparing February 2012 to February 2013 it would seem that Americans by a small percentage chose not to leave the country. U.S. travel to overseas markets totaled 1.82 million, down three percent in February. The destinations for those that traveled were:

  1. Mexico, 1.7 million travelers, flat; however, air travel (530,000) was up one percent
  2. Canada 526,000 travelers, down two percent; air travel (189,000) also down two percent
  3. Caribbean, 512,000 travelers, down five percent
  4. Europe, 481,000 travelers, down three percent
  5. Asia, 298,000 travelers, down six percent
  6. Central America, 203,000 travelers, flat
  7. South America, 139,000 travelers, flat
  8. Middle East, 109,000 travelers, up four percent
  9. Oceania, 57,000 travelers, up six percent
  10. Africa, 23,000 travelers, up four percent

Total Overseas travel was down one percent year-to-date; though statistics are not available it is safe to assume these winter stats indicated a traveler decline at Niagara Falls.

Fortunately the area is only one month away from the official start of the 2013 season begins.

When it comes to visiting Niagara Falls the question of “Which Side” always comes up.

When it comes to visiting Niagara Falls the question “Which Side” always comes up.  I am always looking for material that promotes the area.  In the course of my scanning the web I came upon a rather interesting travel blog review from Sept. 12, 2011.  The review,  written by travel blogger Joanna Haugen on her website Kaleidoscopic Wandering,  appeared under the title ” U.S. vs. Canada: Which Side of Niagara Falls Should You Visit?

Click in the link.  I hope our friends in both Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, ON find it both informative and useful.

Note:  Joanna is based in Las Vegas, NV.


“Spread the Net” continues to grow in Canada.

Satirist Rick Mercer’s “Rick Mercer Report” has been on CBC television for several years now.  I only discovered him this past fall.  The season now over I can say what a good addition a Mercer like program would be in the United States.  And what a great thing it would be if someone produced and broadcast it from Buffalo in collaboration with Rick Mercer.

RMP is a mix of the humorous, serious, educational, quirky, political and downright silly aspects of life lived by Canadians.  From winter athletic competition in Labrador, skydiving in Windsor, Canadian Coast Guard School, Vancouver’s Science World, it is all good stuff.

Co-founded by Rick Mercer and Belinda Stronach, a former member of the Canadian Parliament and philantropist, In partnership with UNICEF Canada the goal is to distribute 500,000 mosquito nets.  As of this past Tuesday they have raised over $1.1 million for 600,000 nets.

This past Tuesday concluded RMR’s 2012-13 season and it went out with a bang featuring announcement of the School Challenge winners. Congratulations to this year’s top fundraising Student Challenge teams:

Elementary Schools:  Pleasantdale School, Estevan, Saskatchewan   $5,439.69

High School:  Almonte & District HS, Almonte, Ontarios  $5,854.05

Post-Secondary:  Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario.  $40,394.64

There are thousands of worthy charities.  I just happen to have enjoyed the way this one is celebrated.  You can donate $10 or more to Spread the Net. I’m sure our Canadian friends wouldn’t mind an infusion of American dollars to assist the project.

Enjoy the videos.  One is 7 minutes.  The other is 8 minutes

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image.